Wild Didcot photo competition – shortlisted entries

I’m delighted to showcase below the finalists for the first Wild Didcot photo competition.

Over 18 category

We had a fantastic number and variety of photos submitted in this category. Red kites, goslings, robins and bees were by far the most popular subjects, but we also had photos of hedgehogs, deer, foxes, a grass snake, ants and lots of flowers and landscapes. The most popular location for photos was Ladygrove, it was reassuring to see how much wildlife lives on the estate!


The photos were shortlisted, anonymously, by the team organising the Wild Didcot cafe.

It was incredibly hard for them to choose just six photos but they eventually managed to narrow it down. That said, there were many more amazing photos that just missed out on a final place.

Without further ado, see below for the shortlisted photos, together with some words from the photographers:

Red kite

Ian took this photo in his back garden where red kites frequently fly over. On this occasion he had his camera to hand and managed to capture them fighting above him.

Wild flowers

Helen found these wildflowers in the hedgerow area at the back of Ladygrove Park. She was drawn to the mix of vibrant colours and the delicate form of the flowers as they swayed in the breeze. She used a wide aperture setting on her camera to help get the crisp focus on the flowers, contrasting with the blurring of the background.


Lisa took this photo in December at the Ladygrove lakes. She got up early to watch the sunrise from the top of the mound as it was a beautiful frosty morning. She saw the heron sat in a tree when she walked around the lake.

Cherry blossom

Raymond had seen photos of the cherry blossom trees on Wessex Road before so decided to visit them. When he arrived there were lots of bees and sunlight filtering through the blossoms, which encouraged him to take his composition.


Martin came across these kestrels on the outskirts of Didcot, whilst looking for a barn owl. He noticed the adult on a branch not far from the post. It came down to rest on the sign post quickly followed by the young kestrel. Martin said he was very lucky to see two kestrels together and have his camera with him!


Liam took this photograph at Ladygrove lakes. He noticed the gosling on the left inquisitively looking at the leaf, before picking it up and the sibling taking an interest. Growing up as one of three himself he was all too familiar with sibling rivalry so couldn’t resist capturing it!

Under 18 category

Once again it was tricky for the Wild Didcot team to narrow down the photos. Here are the shortlisted photos for the under 18 category:


Love bugs; taken along the railway bank, by Tilly, aged 12.


Toby, who also took the photo of the robin below, had two photos shortlisted. He took this bee in his friend’s garden.


This photo was taken by our youngest entrant, Matilda, who is  just 3.5 years old!


Toby, aged 13, saw this robin in the same place almost every day on his way to school. He went to visit it again in the school holidays and waited half an hour to get the shot.


Meghan, aged 14, snapped this shot of ‘Zippy the frog’ in Newlands Avenue.


A majestic looking kestrel, taken by Jake.

The winning photos…

There will be one overall winner in each category; the shortlisted photos are currently undergoing further judging and the overall winner for each category will be contacted in the next couple of days. The two winners will be invited to a prize giving at the Didcot Wildlife Cafe which takes place at Didcot Civic Hall on Saturday 13 May.

All shortlisted photos will be displayed at the event, so do pop along to view these, and take part in other wildlife related activities.

And lastly…

A huge thank you to everyone who submitted a photograph to the competition. It has been a joy to see all of these and to know that so many people in Didcot care about the nature around them.

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