Welcome to In Didcot!

The first post of a new blog. The one where I share my hopes and vision, both for it and Didcot.

I’ve lived here a long time. All of my life, in fact, except for a few years in my 20s where I ‘escaped’ to travel and work abroad. I didn’t plan to return. You’ve probably guessed, I came back.

The Didcot I knew as a child has changed forever. Nowadays it’s a designated growth town. And supposedly a garden town, although what that really means is anyone’s guess.

Didcot isn’t a tourist destination. There’s no picturesque river or architectural gems. Instead it has been declared the most normal town in England, one with sprawling housing estates, the legacy of a power station and an increasingly bad traffic problem.

But scratch beneath the surface and you’ll find it’s a great place to be. Yes, there are problems but there’s also Sustainable Didcot, parkrun, Didcot Film Club and Cafe Scientifique. There are individuals raising thousands of pounds for charity or giving up their time to run youth and sports groups. Some may scoff but we should be proud of our town and its residents.

So I’ve started this blog with a lofty ambition, which is to build a sense of community and pride in our town. Yes, there are already pockets of community, be it church, housing estate or interest based. But nothing that unites all of us.  It is up to us, as residents, to make this town the one we want it to be. As frankly, it’s not going to happen if we leave it to the property developers and town planners.

This blog is my contribution. It’s a personal project, independent of other organisations in Didcot. It’s non-commercial although I might choose to write about local businesses. Or charity shops. Or you.

Please get involved. I need your contributions to help make it work. A community isn’t built by one person.

I don’t have a budget. Just words and pictures. I hope you’ll like them.

2 Replies to “Welcome to In Didcot!”

  1. A heart-felt “Thank you” for the Welcome and the great work you are doing for the community. I hope I can also contribute some useful info in the future for Didcot residents. I moved here from East Midlands around 4 years ago and have been living in Didcot for just over 3 years.

  2. Hi there, I came across your blog whilst searching for walks around Sutton Courteney (which one of your posts delivered perfectly). It’s a really lovely blog and I’ve enjoyed reading so many of the posts and learning about Didcot and the surrounding area. You write really nicely with a very appealing style. Thank you so much for spending the time to compile it!

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