What do you think of Didcot?

Earlier this year, during lockdown, I ran a series of Pets in Didcot posts. As well as featuring many cute pets these posts helped the blog through a fairly lean period. After all, it’s hard to write about Didcot and its residents when you are barely allowed to go outside!

Fast forward a few months and after a fairly relaxed summer the Rule of Six has arrived. Whilst this is nowhere near as restrictive as our previous lockdown (yet) it still has an impact on the things I can write about. There are few upcoming events, many groups and societies are only meeting online and, worst of all, Cornerstone remains closed!  Although I still have a backlog of walks to write up and takeaways to review I’d like to add some variety to my posts.

It would therefore be great if you, my readers, could help me through the next few months. I’d love to find out more about what you think of Didcot and will pose a different question every few weeks. The first one is (hopefully) easy and is shown below. I’ll collate all of the answers and publish the response on an In Didcot blog post

How do I get involved? Simply send me the answer to the question below…

What’s good about living in Didcot?

You can name one thing or choose several different things. Without sounding too much like a school teacher do write a sentence or two rather than a one word answer as it will make for a more interesting blog post!

Please send the answer to the question, along with your first name and a brief sentence about yourself (which you are willing to publicly share on the blog). You can either send it in an email to indidcot@gmail.com or via a Facebook message to In Didcot.

I look forward to receiving your answers!

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