A visit to the Didcot Escape Rooms

Didcot Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms are all the rage these days. Any town worth its salt seems to have one. And that includes Didcot!

I’m always up for a challenge so decided it was time for a family trip to the Didcot Escape Rooms. Hidden away on Southmead Industrial Estate, our first task was to find it. Fortunately one of the kids spotted a sign and we were soon ringing the bell to enter.

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Five things to do in and around Didcot in January 2019

Things to do in Didcot January 2019

The madness of Christmas is over; it’s grey, cold and wet. Everyone is on a diet, paying off their credit card bill or giving up booze for the month. Welcome to January!

Fear not. Things to do, aside from hibernating, are a bit thin on the ground this month but I’ve managed to find a few. And at least the days are getting longer. In the meantime, you could always do one of the following.

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