Recycling tricky items in and around Didcot

The council run recycling service in and around Didcot is excellent but some items are harder to recycle than others.

I’ve discovered recycling schemes for some of the items not accepted in our recycling bins. Read on for more information:

Asthma inhalers

Used inhalers can be taken to Boots pharmacy in the Orchard Centre. Although primarily made of plastic they cannot be recycled in your kerbside box.

Coffee cups

These are notoriously hard to recycle due to mixed materials used in construction. However three Costa outlets in Didcot (Orchard Centre, Tesco and Great Western Park) will accept up to ten coffee cups at a time for recycling.  It can be any brand, not Costa specific. Of course, using your own reusable cup is best and many places offer a discount if you provide one.

Contact lens cases

If you’re a contact lens wearer you can drop off the plastic and foil cases at Boots in the Orchard Centre. There’s a recycling point beside the till in the optician area.


A lot of wine bottles now come with screw caps but if your tipple still has a cork then pop it over to Q Gardens farm shop, Milton Hill as it has a re-use box by the entrance door.

Crisp packets

Cornerstone used to collect crisp packets but is currently closed. Alternative collection hubs can be found on the Terracycle website.


Most opticians, including Boots and Specsavers in the Orchard Centre, collect used glasses for charity recycling.


The Oxfordshire Animal Sanctuary charity shop on the Broadway accepts used stamps. Please separate them into UK and rest of the world collections (as these attract a higher premium).

Water filters

Drop your used water filters (any brand) in the collection boxes in Sainsburys and Argos in the Orchard Centre. You’ll find the Sainsbury’s collection box at the end of the kitchen equipment aisle by the tills.

Writing instruments

Harwell Primary School is a public collection point for all types of used pens including highlighters, felt tips and marker pens. This is a Terracycle scheme which provides points (and eventually money) for items sent in for recycling. Drop them off in the Reception area during usual school opening hours.

Toothpaste tubes and toothbrushes

Chilton Primary School is another Terracycle public collection point, this time collecting used toothpaste tubes (not pumps) and toothbrushes. Again drop off in school opening hours.

For a comprehensive overview of recycling in Didcot check the Council website. If you have items in good condition do consider donating them to Didcot’s charity shops (or selling them on local second hand sites) rather than binning them!

If you know of any other recycling schemes for hard to recycle items in Didcot please leave a comment below.

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  1. Manor School have just joined Terracycle to recycle Pringle tubes. Permanent collection point isn’t established yet but there will be one at the Christmas Bazaar on 30 Nov, 1-3pm.

    1. I’ve checked the TerraCycle map – there don’t seem to be any locations in Oxfordshire! Nearest is Swindon…

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