Weekend takeaway: Pronto Pasta Bar, Didcot

Pronto pizza and pasta bar opened at the end of 2018 in the old Nationwide office and has quickly become one of my favourite takeaways.

Pronto is primarily a pasta and pizza bar. Although it does offer a small seated area the food is best eaten at home, with an accompanying glass of red!

*Please note, Pronto has changed ownership since this review; information may no longer be valid*


First choice, do you want pasta or pizza?

For pasta, decide on the type of pasta you require and then add the sauce. Pasta options include penne, spaghetti, fussili and tortelli. There are twelve different sauces. Classics include bolognese, carbonara and pesto. Or you might prefer gamberi (prawns, tomato, garlic) or polpette (beef meatballs, tomato, garlic).

Pronto menu, Didcot
Pronto menu, Didcot

Pizza is a relatively new menu choice and I haven’t yet road tested it. However pizza lovers can choose from 13 different options, including vegetarian and vegan options. You can opt for a thin crust base or calzone. Gluten free bases are available for a surcharge.

As well as pizza and pasta there’s lasagne, garlic bread, side dishes, salads and desserts (tiramisu and panna cotta).


I usually order by telephone which is quick and easy.

Pasta Pronto takeaway
Pasta Pronto takeaway

You can also order via Just Eat or direct from the Pronto website. If ordering direct from the Pronto website there’s a 10% discount.

Waiting time

We were advised a 30 minute wait time for our most recent takeaway (Friday night, 7pm). However in the past I’ve been able to pick up 15 minutes after ordering.

Penne polpette, Pronto
Penne polpette, Pronto

Food quality

We ordered four pasta dishes. I loved my spaghetti Siciliana, a mix of tomato, garlic, aubergine and mozzarella. It’s much tastier than anything I’ve ever made at home (even using the same ingredients) so I’d love to know the recipe.

In fact it’s the only dish I’ve ever had from Pronto. I like it so much that it’s the one I always choose. I really should try something different.

Spaghetti bolognese, Pronto
Spaghetti bolognese, Pronto

My partner had spaghetti carbonara. It had plenty of ham, the right level of seasoning and a good creamy texture.

My son had penne polpette. This consisted of four large meatballs in a tomato sauce. He liked the meaty taste and the portion size.

My daughter had spaghetti bolognese and was the only one not entirely happy with her meal. She thought the sauce was a little on the sweet side and that it would benefit from more mince and less tomato. 


Prices are very reasonable, particularly given the large portions.

Spaghetti Siciliana, Pronto
Spaghetti Siciliana, Pronto

Pasta costs are based on your combination of pasta and sauce. The pasta costs £1-£2, then you add the sauce cost, this is an additional £3-£6.

Pizzas range from £6.95 for the basic Margherita through to £10.95 for Tutto carne.

Delivery service

Pronto offers a delivery service although they do appear to be constantly recruiting for a delivery driver!

Delivery costs £1 within one mile, £2 within two miles or £3 within three miles.


Pasta Pronto spaghetti carbonara
Pasta Pronto spaghetti carbonara

Trip Advisor has a rating of 4/5 from five reviews. Google 4.8/5 from four reviews. Facebook 5/5 from 39 reviews.

The reviews are generally glowing, specifically the quality of the food. Several reviews indicate the owners are part of the same family that runs Avanti in Wallingford, one of my favourite local restaurants.

More info

Address: 131 Broadway, Didcot.

Opening hours: from 5pm on Monday and Tuesday, from 12 noon Wednesday to Saturday.  Closing time varies between 10.15pm to 11pm. Closed all day Sunday.

Food hygiene rating: 4, as of June 2019.

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