Didcot lockdown quiz

Bored in lockdown? Think you know Didcot? Then test your town knowledge with this lockdown quiz!

You might know some answers from the comfort of your armchair but others will need to be checked with a walk around Didcot:

1. Solve the Didcot street name anagram: Cold harbor tank

2. Where would you find this tree?

Didcot lockdown quiz
Didcot lockdown quiz

3. What time are the Edmonds Park gates locked in November?

4. What architectural style is the New Coronet bingo hall?

5. What connects Sherlock Holmes and Anna Karenina to Didcot?

6. If A= 1970-2013 and B=?-2020. What is ?

7. What is special about this cottage?

Didcot lockdown quiz
Didcot lockdown quiz

8. What once linked Didcot, Newbury and Southampton?

9. What comes next: 0-3, 8-0, 2-1?

10. What used to be in this building?

Didcot lockdown quiz
Didcot lockdown quiz

11. Where can you find a travelling Post Office?

12. What sporting facility opened in  1985?

13. What Didcot road would you find this in?

Didcot lockdown quiz
Didcot lockdown quiz

14. Who received the Freedom of Didcot in 2007?

15. Who comes between Jackson and Johnston?

16. How many windows are on the red fire station doors?

17. What links Julie Hunter, Sam Knowlton, William Manning and Georgina Littler?

18. On which building can you find a plaque that commemorates the bravery of animals in World War 1?

19. Where can you find a stone circle in Didcot?

20. I am 6 metres high, made of stainless steel and represent the peel of an apple. What it is my name?

Submit your answers

Although this quiz is just for fun I will randomly draw one entry from all those who answer 15 or more questions correctly and make a personal donation of £10 to a registered charity of the winner’s choice. Please send your answers to indidcot@gmail.com by Friday 20 November 2020.

Small print: over 18s only/all entrants must live within OX11 postcode area/one entry per person/my decision is final.


The answers have been published! Find them here.

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