Didcot lockdown quiz – the answers!

A couple of weeks ago I published a lockdown quiz. It was an incredibly popular post, with my highest ever page views.

If you haven’t seen the quiz before and would like to complete it then pop over to this link. Otherwise read on for the answers:

1. Solve the Didcot street name anagram: Cold harbor tank

Answer: Blackthorn Road (on GWP). However, I must apologise to early viewers of the quiz, where one letter in the anagram was incorrect. I’m sorry if it had you stumped!

2. Where would you find this tree?

This tree is in All Saints’ Church graveyard. It’s a yew and is believed to be around 1200 years old.

Didcot lockdown quiz
Didcot lockdown quiz

3. What time are the Edmonds Park gates locked in November?

From October to March the gates are locked at 7pm, they reopen at 6am.

4. What architectural style is the New Coronet bingo hall?

The bingo hall, originally a cinema, opened in 1933; it was built in Art Deco style. It’s one of my favourite buildings in Didcot.

5. What connects Sherlock Holmes and Anna Karenina to Didcot?

Both are films which had scenes shot in Didcot Railway Centre. Didcot Engine Shed doubled as Moscow station and a German armaments factory.

6. If A= 1970-2013 and B=?-2020. What is ?

Easy to solve if you know that A refers to the commissioning and decommissioning dates of Didcot A power station. The answer is 1997, which is the year that Didcot B was commissioned (it is still operating).

7. What is special about this cottage?

Didcot lockdown quiz
Didcot lockdown quiz

This is White Cottage; it was built in the 16th century and is said to be the oldest house in Didcot.

8. What once linked Didcot, Newbury and Southampton?

A cross country railway. It opened in 1882, saw heavy use in World War II but eventually closed to rail traffic in 1964. Nowadays the stretch between Didcot and Upton is a popular Sustrans route.

9. What comes next: 0-3, 8-0, 2-1?

This question was for Didcot Town football fans as they relate to a series of recent results. The next numbers are 0-3, the score between Didcot Town and Berkhamsted.

10. What used to be in this building?

Didcot lockdown quiz
Didcot lockdown quiz

This was home to Didcot Labour Club. Currently awaiting demolition.

11. Where can you find a travelling Post Office?

This can be found at Didcot Railway Centre.

12. What sporting facility opened in  1985?

Didcot Leisure Centre, along Mereland Road. When it first opened I think there was also a climbing wall on the outside but I’m not sure what happened to it.

13. What Didcot road would you find this in?

Didcot lockdown quiz
Didcot lockdown quiz

This is in Newlands Avenue, next to St Peter’s Church.

14. Who received the Freedom of Didcot in 2007?

This was given to the 11 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Regiment of the Royal Logistic Corps. I’m not actually sure what it enables them to do!

15. Who comes between Jackson and Johnston?

Ed Vaizey. Preceded by Robert Jackson and followed by David Johnston; our MPs.

16. How many windows are on the red fire station doors?

There are 24 windows; 6 on each of 4 doors.

17. What links Julie Hunter, Sam Knowlton, William Manning and Georgina Littler?

These are the current headteachers of Didcot secondary schools.

18. On which building can you find a plaque that commemorates the bravery of animals in World War 1?

This can be found at the entrance to Didcot Civic Hall.

19. Where can you find a stone circle in Didcot?

It’s in the Millennium Wood, between Didcot and East Hagbourne.

20. I am 6 metres high, made of stainless steel and represent the peel of an apple. What it is my name?

The Swirl. This is the Orchard Centre sculpture that controversially cost £85000 (funded by the developers).

I hope you enjoyed the quiz!

Despite the large number of people who I know took part I didn’t have a single entry to the charity draw. I have therefore made an executive decision to donate £10 to Helen & Douglas House, a local hospice providing care for babies and children.

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