Litter picking in Didcot

I’m not sure about you but the sight of dog poo bags hanging from trees or takeaway coffee cups discarded by the roadside fills me with anger at how we treat this planet.

It would, of course, be great if no-one dropped litter but sadly there are people who don’t care about the environment. However, for those that do, there are now opportunities to get involved with litter picking in and around town.

Litter around back of GWP
Litter around back of GWP

In previous years Didcot Town Council has organised mass litter picks. They haven’t taken place recently due to Covid-19 but it’s easy to organise your own litter pick via one of these options:

South Oxfordshire District Council

SODC loan out litter pickers to both individuals and groups. They also provide hi-vis jackets, bags and litter picking hoops (to keep the bag open). After you’ve completed your litter pick they’ll come and pick your bags up. To organise a loan, pop over to the SODC website to read more. Litter picking isn’t without risks so you’ll need to read and adhere to the risk assessment on the website.

Planet Patrol Oxfordshire


Planet Patrol is a non-government organisation working to stop litter and plastic pollution. With the help of local litter picking groups they identify common types of litter, with a view to influencing government policies surrounding waste and holding brands accountable for the litter they produce.

Planet Patrol is represented in Didcot by Charlotte. She runs a dedicated Facebook group, organises litter picks and loans equipment (litter picks and sturdy bags) to individuals. If you’re an individual picking litter you simply drop the full bags back to Charlotte (who lives in Didcot) and she arranges collection via Biffa.

Join the Facebook Group if you are interested in finding out more particularly as Charlotte hopes to restart group litter picks in the very near future.

Litter around back of Green Close
Litter around back of Green Close

As an aside, if you spot any larger items, or dangerous ones (such as drug paraphernalia), you should request the council to pick it up via the Fix my Street website. They respond quickly and the item is usually removed within a week.

And finally, if anyone is wondering, the dog poo fairy did remove the pink plastic bag in the main photo!

2 Replies to “Litter picking in Didcot”

  1. This is brilliant. I pick up the litter in my local area Fleet Way really useful to know I can get larger Items taken away as I often find them and take them to the dump myself.

  2. The remedy its really simple: avoid them use by working out own examples:

    * For every transport: use own washable, resewable bags or pouches.

    * For pets/mates drops/gifts: hand shovel and water: get to chop and dig it first, pour water over it next, or ” let it rain “.

    * For portable drink & food: the use of Flusks, Zipped Bags ( washable, reusable and long lasting where cared & loved ) avails healthier consumption and digestion, as no one needs to have it all at once, or get to harder them carriage.

    The more and better everyone safe efforts to local servants, the better anyone might centre on Healthier Growths.

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