The In Didcot blog is one year old!

Last December I published my first post on the In Didcot blog. Twelve months  on and I’ve published fifty blog posts about our local area and the people who live here.

A review of In Didcot’s first year

I’ve spent some time reviewing which posts are popular so that I can offer more of these in the future.

My guide to recycling tricky items in and around Didcot hit a chord with residents as it was one of my most shared posts across social media and local groups.

Indeed, it’s lists that make up most of my popular posts. From places to get a cooked breakfast in Didcot to local picnic spots.

Away from social media other visitors reach the website via search engines. My local walk posts, particularly the one from Wittenham Clumps to Dorchester receive a steady stream of visitors. That’s fortunate as I have several more walking routes planned for the new year!

On the other hand, my reviews of events and exhibitions haven’t been as popular. Something for me to bear in mind in future, although I do enjoy attending the wide variety of events that Didcot offers.

What do you want to read about?

Although I can see which of my existing posts are popular I’d love to get your suggestions for blog posts. What would you like me to write about? Please do get in touch with your ideas either via email to or via social media.

Can you get involved?

One area I’d like to spend more time on in 2020 is greater involvement with local clubs and organisations. If you run a club, fundraise for a charity or work for a non-profit organisation then I’d love to write about your work. If you’re looking for new club members or volunteers I can help spread your message, just get in touch.

Get notified when I publish a new blog post

If you enjoy reading In Didcot blog posts you can receive a notification when I publish a post (usually weekly). You can either sign up to receive new blog posts direct to your email or like In Didcot on Facebook. And please let your friends and neighbours know about the blog too!

That’s all for 2019. Have a fantastic New Year and best wishes for 2020.

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