Get involved

Think of this blog as a microcosm of Didcot’s community. It relies on people getting involved. How?

I’ll be writing several different types of blog post, please get in touch if any of the following appeal:

Meet a resident 

Do you live in Didcot? If so, could I write about you? If you’re happy to talk about your life in the town and answer some questions about Didcot please get in touch.

A day in the life of….

If you run a local company or are involved in an organisation that you think might be of interest to readers perhaps you could tell us about a day in your life. What do you do?

Promote your club, organisation or local charity

Do you need more club members or volunteers? If so please drop me an email and we can work on a blog post together.

Tell me about an event

Are you organising a quiz, music night or exhibition? Every month I’ll promote events that are happening in or around Didcot. Send me details by the 25th of the preceding month if you’d like your event to be considered for the post. I might even come along and blog about it!

Are you a photographer?

If you’d like to help by providing photos for the blog then get in touch. I’m afraid there’s no payment involved but I’ll always credit you as the photographer.

Contact me

Have an idea for a blog post or just want to get in touch?   Drop me an email to: Please note I’m not a town planner, traffic warden or takeaway owner so you’ll need to direct these queries elsewhere…..

Thank you so much – please do get involved!