Weekend takeaway: Fort Woks, Didcot

Fort Woks is a relatively new Chinese takeaway on Great Western Park in Didcot. It offers a modern menu with a twist, perfect if you fancy something a little different from the other outlets in town. So what did we think of it?


Fort Woks menu, Didcot
Fort Woks menu, Didcot

Rather than the usual list of beef, chicken and pork dishes the Fort Woks menu specialises in combo box classics or build your own boxes.

The combo box classics have fancy names that hide relatively straightforward dishes. Sergeant Pepper is salt and pepper crispy chicken whereas Fire & Spice is sweet chilli crispy beef and chicken.

Alternatively you can build your own box. First choose the style (combo or separate), then a filling e.g. crispy beef, top it with a flavour e.g. Chinese BBQ then add noodles, rice or chips.

Other menu options include sushi, combo wraps, loaded fries and pancakes. There’s also a choice of eight starters and starter variety boxes and for dessert, brownies!

The menu offers a reasonable choice for vegetarians and vegans. There’s a generic allergy statement so if this applies to you it’s best to talk to a member of staff before you order.


Crispy chicken with BBQ sauce, Fort Woks
Crispy chicken with BBQ sauce, Fort Woks

Ordering wasn’t as easy as it should be.

I tried to order via the Fort Woks website first. As a new customer I wasn’t familiar with the menu so wanted to browse all of the options easily. Instead, I kept on getting asked for my postcode which was infuriating, particularly as I’d already chosen the option to collect my food rather have it delivered.

I then tried to ring but was on hold for such a long time that I gave up.

Finally I decided to visit in person and this was by far the best option on this occasion.

Waiting time

After I’d finally managed to order the waiting time was impressively low for a Friday evening. I ordered at 7 pm, food was ready by 7.15 pm.

Food quality

Mixed vegetables and black bean sauce, Fort Woks
Mixed vegetables and black bean sauce, Fort Woks

I ordered mixed vegetables with black bean sauce and steamed rice. It had a good variety of vegetables, including onions, broccoli, red peppers and water chestnut. Although it was tasty I found it a little too salty for my taste.

My partner was happy with his beef chow mein. He liked that there were sizeable chunks of beef (and enough of them). He found it well seasoned.

The teens shared a combo box. These are of a good size and would serve a healthy appetite. They chose crispy chicken in batter, fried with onions and peppers, with BBQ sauce and steamed rice. They found the sauce a little sweet but still enjoyed the meal.

In addition to the food we also received prawn crackers, chopsticks and fortune cookies.

Our Fort Woks meal, Didcot
Our Fort Woks meal, Didcot


Due to its unique menu it’s quite hard to compare costs at Fort Woks against other more traditional Chinese takeaways in Didcot. It feels more expensive but I think that’s because the cost of noodles or rice are already included in the combo meal deals. Indeed when I checked a couple of dishes which did overlap between takeaways Fort Woks came out about 50p cheaper per meal!

Delivery service

Fort Woks offers a delivery service. This is advertised on the front of the menu as free within Great Western Park (albeit this information is in very small text).

I tried to find delivery information to elsewhere in Didcot and the local villages but it is well hidden on the site. I ended up raising a dummy order and discovered that minimum delivery value is £8. Delivery is free within one mile of Fort Woks, costs £1 within two miles and £2 within three miles.


As of May 2019 Fort Woks has a review score of 4.5 on Google (103 reviews). Customers overwhelmingly enjoy the food; any complaints tend to be about the delivery service.

More info

Address: The District Centre, 110 Greenwood Way, Great Western Park,
Didcot, OX11 6GD.

Opening hours: unusually long! Monday – Thursday and Sunday: 12 noon-10 pm,  Friday and Saturday: 12 noon-11 pm.

Food hygiene rating: 4, as of February 2018. The front counter and waiting area are clean and welcoming.

2 Replies to “Weekend takeaway: Fort Woks, Didcot”

  1. The food is fine – you are right there. Unfortunately, the bad service is not limited to delivery. Their online ordering system is not fit for purpose – online orders are deprioritised and even then they are not ready when they say they will be. For the last time I’ve gone in tonight to be told that my meal order has only just arrived in store, 80 minutes after we received our confirmation that they had accepted our order. We were on time – they were not. I won’t be going back.

    1. Hi, I’ve seen quite a few recent negative reviews about an increase in food waiting time. We still go there because the food is good but we generally go in and order as it’s by far the quickest option!

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