Didcot Solar Streets

If you’ve ever considered getting solar PV panels for your roof then this post may be of interest.

Sustainable Didcot is launching Didcot Solar Streets, a community solar project where residents and businesses can get solar panels at discounted prices.

Who is involved?

The scheme is organised by Sustainable Didcot, with backing from Didcot Town Council. They are working in partnership with Solar Streets to deliver quality low cost solar PV installations to whole communities.

The solar panels are installed by a company called IDDEA Ltd. They have installed over 1000 solar projects across the south, including in neighbouring areas such as Wallingford, Thame and Henley.

Why get solar panels?

Installing solar panels allows you to generate your own renewable electricity during the daytime, which helps in the fight against climate change.

You will also see a reduction in your energy bills. The Solar Streets website includes a video with usage and cost calculations. Payback of the initial cost occurs within 10-16 years. This primarily depends on how much time you spend at home during the day, and how you change your behaviour, for example by running household appliances during the daytime. 

How does it work?

IDEAA will carry out an initial remote survey (using Google Earth) to confirm what size  solar installation works best for you. They will discuss their findings with you and determine if there are any extras you might want to add, for example, battery storage so that you can store energy that you’ve generated in the daytime.

Installing panels across multiple properties in a community allows the company to offer discounted pricing.

How much will it cost?

It depends on the size of the installation and whether you opt for any additional services. However the standard offering is a 3.6 kWp system which costs approximately £4100, including installation. This equates to a cost saving of around £700 compared to usual prices. Larger systems cost more but you could save up to £1700.

In addition, a donation of £50 for every residential or £100 for every commercial installation is also made to a community fund for green projects in Didcot.

Who is eligible to buy panels?

Anyone in the OX11 postcode area. The offer is open to both residential and business premises.

How do I find out more?

Sustainable Didcot is holding a launch event at 7.30pm on Thursday 8 April with a presentation and Q&A via Zoom. You’ll need to register in advance in order to receive the meeting link.

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