New In Didcot blog series – send me your photos!

I’ve been thinking long and hard about what posts I can publish on In Didcot over the next few weeks. My usual content, a mix of events, dining suggestions and ideas for getting out and about, won’t be feasible for some time. Hence I’m turning to you, my readers, for help!

One of my early ideas for this blog, which I hadn’t progressed with, was to gain reader input so that we could all get to know the community we live in a little better. The time is ripe to announce a new series of blog posts, which you can all contribute to.

The idea is that for the foreseeable future I will announce a topic, readers will send me in their photos on this theme and I’ll publish as many as is feasible. A virtual way to meet your Didcot neighbours, and some light hearted relief for everyone.

The first theme (in case you cannot guess from the photo at the top) is:

Pets of Didcot

Send me a landscape photograph of your pet along with with four or five sentences about them. Tell me their name and some interesting, maybe quirky, information.

I’ll collate these and publish a blog post showcasing Didcot pets.

This is a step into the unknown so although I hope to publish as many photos as possible in my next blog post I cannot guarantee it. I may receive one photo, I may receive two hundred. If I get too many I’ll choose a variety of photos (i.e. not 10 labradors) and base my decision on the info you’ve provided alongside the photo.

Send your photos in

Please email one landscape  photo to by Friday 27 March. This should have a maximum size of 500kb, and only be of your pet (no people). Please only send via email, not social media or messaging apps. There is no need to send me any personal details – I do not want your address but will trust that you live in Didcot or a local village.

I look forward to receiving and publishing your photos! If you have ideas for future topics let me know these as well please.


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