Introducing The Didcot Pet Hotel

Starting a new business can be daunting at any time, even more so during a pandemic. However the coronavirus lockdown gave Louisa the impetus and time she needed to start a new venture, The Didcot Pet Hotel.

The Didcot Pet Hotel

Louisa contacted me to see if I could feature her new business on In Didcot. I said yes, as long as I could check pets would be well looked after. She therefore invited me along to meet her family and animals and to see the facilities.

The Didcot Pet Hotel

The Didcot Pet Hotel offers boarding for small animals, including guinea pigs, (vaccinated) rabbits, hamsters, tortoises, rats, mice and budgies. Accommodation is in a large indoor area, and there’s a spacious lawn for exercise.

Ewok, resident at The Didcot Pet Hotel
Ewok, resident at The Didcot Pet Hotel

Louisa’s own pets include four guinea pigs, five chickens and a dog. The guinea pigs, Alice, Cilla, Eileen and Ewok, were out enjoying the lawn whilst the chickens were happy pecking around their large run.

Outdoor runs, The Didcot Pet Hotel
Some of the outdoor runs, The Didcot Pet Hotel

All animals are kept separate from other boarders. Owners bring their own dry foods to ensure continuity of diet but Louisa provides bedding, veggies and hay as required.

Overnight rates at The Didcot Pet Hotel start from £3 per night for canaries, hamsters and gerbils. Guinea pig boarding is £6 per night (for two piggies) and rabbits are £8 per night. Louisa is happy to pick up and drop off pets locally.

Clara, resident of The Didcot Pet Hotel
Clara, resident of The Didcot Pet Hotel

Owners fill out an extensive pet information form when they leave their pets so Louisa can replicate how they are cared for in their home. She sends photo updates to owners during their stay and if any emergencies do arise Louisa can also arrange a vet visit.

Indoor housing at The Didcot Pet Hotel
Some indoor housing at The Didcot Pet Hotel

It was lovely to meet Louisa and hear about her new venture.  It’s a great new service for Didcot and although I haven’t used it I’d be happy to leave my own pampered guinea pigs at the hotel.

If you have a local Didcot based business which you’d like me to feature on the blog, do get in touch  via the In Didcot Facebook page.

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