Didcot Baby Monday

Have you had a baby recently, or know someone who has? Kath Goldsby-West  contacted me to let me know about Didcot Baby Monday, a support group for new parents.

What is Didcot Baby Monday?

The group is a constituted not-for profit organisation, set up in 2015 by local volunteer mums. It offers an easily accessible, community led drop-in breastfeeding support group and a sling library within Didcot.

Whilst the founding member has moved on the group is still going strong. The current committee are dedicated to keeping the group going; this is especially important given the lack of support available in Didcot since the closure of the children’s centres and with so many families new to the area.

Who is Didcot Baby Monday for?

It’s suitable for anyone who has a baby aged from newborn to pre-crawling. This keeps the sessions as a low key, safe space for parents to feel comfortable with very small babies.

What happens in the sessions?

In usual times the group holds weekly two hour sessions where parents can drop in for a chat over a cup of tea, with play mats and toys for the babies. There’s also access to evidence based information and support in some of the areas most needed in the first few months with a new baby, such as feeding, sleep and weaning. Drop-in infant feeding support is available every week from a qualified lactation consultant (Lisa Mansour) and trained peer supporters.

Didcot Baby Monday are also partners with local charity Oxfordshire Breastfeeding Support (previously Oxford Baby Cafe). OBS are currently offering free 1:1 video call support, a very active closed Facebook group and a Zoom support group on Thursdays.

During Covid-19

Currently the group are running weekly Zoom sessions, Mondays at 1pm. This is a chance for mums with young babies to connect with each other and share their experiences of having a baby during a pandemic. Infant feeding support from Lisa also available each week, for all variations whether breast, bottle or combination. The sessions are usually organised around a discussion topic such as introducing solid food or going back to work.

There’s also a closed Facebook group for local mums who have had a baby in the last year (or are currently expecting). The group has had around 200 new members since March 2020 and is growing every day. As well as general discussions it includes links to articles, podcasts etc relevant to that week’s discussion topic. Members using the group can also reach out and suggest socially distanced meet ups and ask questions.

Moving in to spring, and the easing of the lockdown, there will be some form of face-to-face meet-ups in the spring, and hopefully organised buggy/sling walk and talks.

Session cost

There is no charge to attend the sessions but donations are appreciated. The majority of funding is raised though local and national grant programmes, but it is an ongoing challenge. The group has also received funding from the Town Council and Didcot First.

Want to know more?

Do join the Didcot Baby Monday Facebook group.

If you have any questions about the group pop a message to the group via Facebook Messenger or email didcotbabymonday@gmail.com.

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