Weekend takeaway: Caprinos Pizza

Look away if you’re on a diet! Pizza and chips aren’t healthy but they’re great as an occasional treat. I’ve reviewed Caprinos, one of the five options for takeaway pizza in Didcot.


Meat lovers pizza, Caprinos, Didcot
Meat lovers pizza, Caprinos, Didcot

Caprinos has a standard takeaway pizza menu, similar to the other chain options in town. Pizza choices include Margherita, Hawaiian, Meat Feast, Pepperoni and Capricosa. However there are also fusion options such as the Asian Classic Mix and Mexican. Vegetarians can choose from Vegetarian Supreme or Vegetarian Hot although there’s nothing for vegans.

All pizzas can be thin, deep or stuffed crust and each one comes with a free dip; by default we always end up with garlic and herb.

We often order a large pizza to share and Caprinos are happy to do two different choices (half and half) on the same pizza.

Although Caprinos offers side dishes we buy a small (but still huge) portion of chips from Smarts to accompany our pizza.


We phone our order in. Previous phone interactions haven’t always been great but recently we’ve managed to get the right pizzas without having to repeat and correct the order multiple times!

You can also order online directly through the Caprinos website or via Just Eat.

Waiting time

Our wait time for an early Friday evening takeaway is usually around 20 minutes.

Food quality

Caprinos pizza and Smarts chips
Caprinos pizza and Smarts chips

My standard order is a thin crust vegetarian supreme pizza. This usually has a good mix of vegetables and isn’t too greasy. It doesn’t taste overly salty when eating but I’m always thirsty later in the evening.

I like the pizzas but it depends on your expectations. Looking for a ‘traditional’ Italian pizza with mozzarella, olive oil and basil? Then look elsewhere, perhaps Lusso or Pronto. If, on the other hand, you want a standard takeaway for a Friday night then Caprinos does the job. I certainly prefer Caprinos to Domino’s Pizza and Papa John’s.


Vegetarian Supreme, Caprinos, Didcot
Vegetarian Supreme, Caprinos, Didcot

Meal deals aside, Caprinos is cheaper than the other pizza takeaways in Didcot. 

All varieties of pizza cost the same. Standard 9” pizzas are £4.99, 12” are £8.99 and 15” are £10.99.

Caprinos always have special offers and deals. Although I’m intrigued by the current offer of four 9” pizzas for £19.99 as this works out slightly more expensive than buying them individually!

Delivery service

We usually collect our pizzas, although we did have one delivered in lockdown. Some of the Google and TripAdvisor reviews complain about delivery times, but this seems to be an issue across most Didcot takeaways.


Google reviews average 4.1/5 based on 120 reviews. JustEat average is 5/6 based on 2062 reviews.

The reviews are a real mix. Most people love the pizzas but they are marked down for long delivery times and missing or incorrect orders.

Have you had a Caprinos pizza? What do you think?

More info

Address: 88 Broadway, Didcot, OX11 8AB.

Opening hours: from 12 noon to 11pm daily.

Food hygiene rating: 5 star, as of December 2019.

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