Weekend takeaway: Imperial Grill, Didcot

One of the few treats remaining during these lockdown times is the weekend takeaway. When I heard about a new takeaway, Caesar’s Grill (now renamed Imperial Grill) opening on Ladygrove I decided it would be next on my list to discover. What did we think?


Many years ago we worked in Greece and one of our late night treats was gyros. I still remember the joy, and mess, of eating the meat wraps smothered in tzatziki. I’m vegetarian now but my partner eats meat, and I’m partial to halloumi. I was happy to see there was something for all of us on the menu.

Indeed the menu is extensive. As well as kebabs and wraps you can get pizza, burgers, loaded fries and a wide variety of side dishes. I hope you’re not on a diet!

After much deliberation we ordered four meals; grilled halloumi with flatbread, chicken shish with rice, a mixed doner kebab and burger and chips.

Chicken shish with rice, Caesar's Grill, Didcot
Chicken shish with rice, Caesar’s Grill, Didcot


The online ordering system doesn’t offer all of the menu options so I ordered by telephone. I started ringing at 6.45pm on a Friday evening and spent 30 minutes trying to get through. When the phone was answered a pleasant Australian lady advised there was a one hour wait. We decided to go ahead and order anyway as we were keen to try somewhere different.

Waiting time

We waited a long time for our dinner.  Despite the notified hour long wait our food wasn’t ready when my partner turned up and he had to wait another 30 minutes. We eventually got our meal two hours after trying to order.

The moral is order early or eat midweek!

Food quality

The grills, and in particular, the flat breads were excellent. They were served with a garlic sauce, lettuce and a side portion of vegetables. Very tasty.

Two small disappointments; the halloumi was incredibly salty (even saltier than is usual) and my son was a little disappointed with his burger. I think this was more of an issue with his menu choice than any problem; he should have chosen a kebab.

Burger and chips, Caesar's Grill, Didcot
Burger and chips, Caesar’s Grill, Didcot

Portion sizes were good. We opted for regular size meals and these were more than big enough for us.


Very reasonable.  Kebabs cost around £6, including flat bread and salad.  Loaded fries are £6-£7; this might sound a little expensive but the portions look huge. Wraps are £6.50 upwards, and come with fries, a can of drink and a sauce. If you’re super hungry you can opt for a solo feast for £10.95; this is for one medium kebab or wrap, one loaded fries and a can of drink.

Halloumi wrap, Caesar's Grill, Didcot
Halloumi wrap, Caesar’s Grill, Didcot

Delivery service

We didn’t choose the delivery service but there is an option to do this.  The website shows a delivery fee of £3.50, with a minimum order of £10. It also had an estimated wait time of 2 hours (checked at 5.30pm on a Saturday) so remember the advice to order early!

The verdict

An enjoyable meal, although slightly marred by the wait. We would revisit but perhaps on a quieter night, when waiting times are hopefully shorter.

More info

Address: 4 Lostock Place, Ladygrove, Didcot, OX11 7XT.

Opening hours: Monday-Sunday 4pm-10pm, closed Tuesday.

Food hygiene rating: Awaiting inspection, as of January 2021.

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  1. We’ve been to ceasars twice now. We heard about the wait times so made sure we ordered early. On Friday we ordered at 5.15 and got our food just after 6. We’ve had burgers, kebabs and wraps and they’ve all been good and great value for money. My only complaint was that they forgot the sauce on my kebab the first time!

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